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We are SVS MEDICAL hearing rehabilitation centre. SVS-Medical has been successfully operating in the region since April 2003 and is the only official supplier of original digital SIEMENS (SIVANTOS)  hearing aids in Armenia.


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Otoacoustic Emission (DPOAE)

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Receiver-in-the-Canal instruments provide the most high-tech wireless charging in a remarkably small design.

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XTM stands for a straightforward, comfortable and reliable line of behind-the-ear hearing aids.

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Our XTM in-the-ear hearing aids offer super discreet and reliable solutions with proven hearing system technology.

Meet The Team

Eduard Khazaryan

Founder, Director

Gayane Sargsyan

PHD, ENT Doctor

Armine Aghababyan

Narine Khazaryan

ENT Doctor


Torosyan Nazik

Hearing aids are really good solution for aged people, now I can hear my family. That is really life changing to be able to hear the kids and TV and radio etc.


Simonyan Hasmik

Here the doctors care for their patients and explain how to use their hearing aids. Due this treatment the people with hearing loss can enjoy the sounds, voices, people and conversations in their lives, so does my husband. I highly recommend the services!

Gevorgyan Spartak

Having hearing problems for a teenage boy can bring difficulties to parents. Wearing a hearing aid caused various complexes to my son. At SVS Medical centre the doctor suggested a new and invisible product, that was completely invisible and easy to remove.


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SVS Medical

Paronyan 21 
Yerevan, Armenia 0015

Tel: 096 431301, 010 580099


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